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        International Academy of Pathology - Indian Division (IAP-ID)
        Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists (IAPM)
        Indian Academy of Cytologists (IAC)
        The Academy of Pathology, Bangalore, India
        Maharashtra Chapter of IAPM
        Indian College of Pathologists (ICP)
        Dermatopathology Society of India

        International Academy of Pathology
        International Academy of Cytology
        Association of Practicing Pathologists (India)

        PathMax - Meta-index of Pathology

         Digital Pathology Blog - by Keith Kaplan, MD

         UPMC - Digital Pathology Consultation Service - Receive rapid consultations
            with no mail, courier, or inconvenience required

        Medical School Pathology - Free Online course by John R.Minarcik, MD
        Oncopathology Blog
        Visual survey of Urologic Pathology
        Useful Patholology Links - by Dr. Girish Kamat
        Question Bank for M.D.Path - by Dr. Girish Kamat
        Campus Medicus
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