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Senior Pathologists from India and across the world share their experiences
inspiring and interesting, even humorous . . . in pathology, in life . . . a short pre-recorded video series


"Changing the Public Image of Pathology"

Dr. Jerad Gardner, MD
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.
Social Media Chair: USCAP & ASDP.
Dermpath Fellowship Director: U of Arkansas, USA ... more ...

Pathology is often misunderstood by the public and sometimes even by other doctors. Pathologists can use social media to educate the public about who we are and about the importance of the work we do and the role we play in patient care.

Posted on August 12, 2016

Dr. Manu Noatay
Niche Theranostics, Delhi
Member of British Association of Cytopathology, Member of Renal Pathology Society, Member of European Society of Pathology ... more ...

Being pathologist was only last resort, since i never idolized any in my college days- but having a small infant and also families reluctance to let me work in demanding clinical domain made me opt for "light" pathology- it was only when i joined highly intensive and demanding department of Pathology and Lab Medicine in swanly Army Hospital Research and Referral, Delhi- then i realized i actually loved the magic of potions and being sherlock holmes- my second re-incarnation happened when i started my own lab and despite being renal pathologist i had to deal with endometria and paps....hence decided that when life gives you lemons- make a lime soda..and when life throws endometrias - then develop into much needed Gyne Pathology which is emerging in circles where i practice as fitting tribute to score of women who undergo lots of trials and tribulations so that we get endomtrias and hysterectomies and paps....we might as well do our level best to save them .... result is - that i am head over heels in love with what i do...

Posted on March 23rd, 2015

Pathology - My perspective

Dr. Neha Dahiya, MD
PathoIndia moderator
Founder and Manager ENZS Consulting LLC
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 USA

Provide expertise to clinical laboratories to maintain regulatory compliance. Help clinical laboratory staff with the entire process of accrediting a laboratory - from application submission, to creating and maintaining procedures and policies and ensuring adherence to the rules and regulations of CAP checklists and Facilitate successful negotiation of the inspection process

Posted on May 1st 2014

The Standup Pathologist - thriving, surviving and changing the world!

Dr. Kim Solez, MD, FRCPC.
A video presentation on the advantages of using large upright touch screens for digital virtual pathology creating a healthier more appealing work place that enhances recruiting and education.

Teaches a unique course on Technology and the Future of Medicine at the University of Alberta ...

Posted on March 7th 2014

FREE Medical School - Looking for a few good men!

Dr. John R. Minarcik, MD
Illinois, USA
Creator of the world's first free real-time Global Online Medical School Pathology Course.

Posted on March 5th 2014

Nature vs Nurture!

Dr. Ed Uthman, MD
President, Texas Society of Pathologists (2014)
Co-owner of Patho-L
Adjunct Professor of Pathology, University of Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine, USA
Pathologist, OakBend Medical Center
Partner at Brown & Associates Medical Laboratories
Houston, Texas, USA

Posted on March 4th 2014

"Timing is Everything. Wisdom Comes Late. Always Much to Look Forward to in the Future!"

Dr. Kim Solez, MD., FRCPC
Professor of Pathology, University of Alberta, Canada ; Father of Banff classification; Worlds foremost kidney pathologist and medical internet leader; popular blogger on ; directs NKF cyberNephrology; President and CEO of Transpath Inc. and Lateralus Consulting Inc.

Teaches a unique course on Technology and the Future of Medicine at the University of Alberta with broadcast quality video see

Posted on March 1st 2014


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