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   Message to the Fraternity of Virtual Pathologists
23rd April 2000
Dear colleagues and friends in the virtual community of pathoindia,

Virtual pathology is here to stay. Its potential is for all to feel and experience with each successful day in its immortal life. Your untiring efforts to start a website for the purpose of rendering online services, provide useful information and spread knowledge is commendable.

May the website help in improving the knowledge of all pathologists and allied specialties, bring us closer to each other and help understand the ever expanding and ever changing field of pathology. This is facilitated easily by online discussions and deliberations.

I congratulate all the members of the pathoindia virtual forum for their endearing efforts in the formation of a nucleus around which all tissues (aspects) and organs (concepts) relating to pathology can coordinate to produce an efficient body of virtual pathologists.

I wish the website and members all the success in their present and future virtual endeavours.

It gives me pleasure, a sense of privilege and great pride in inaugurating the pathoindia website.

                         AILM, Bangalore

Dear pathoindia members,

It's heartening to know that the medical fraternity, especially the pathologists are uptodate with the latest technology
I wish pathoindia - the virtual pathologists and Dr. Johnson, all the best in their cyber venture



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