Dr. Manu Noatay, MBBS, MD (PATH), FIAC
Member of British Association of Cytopathology, Member of Renal Pathology Society, Member of European Society of Pathology

Histopathologist and molecular pathologist with specialist experience of 12 years and administrative experience of 05 years as Armed Forces medical doctor responsible for medical stores, independent unit medical operations and management as CMO, Family welfare services and Aviation Medicine responsible for medical preflights examination of air crew.

At present establishing and running population based cervical cancer screening programme Pan India with NGO's GOI and various leading gynecologists.

Teaching gynaecological cytology and Histopathology to cytologists and Gynecologists pan India and Bangladesh. Interacting with Colposcopists and gynaecologists for management of abnormal cases detected while screening for cervical cancers and their follow ups as well as for conducting lectures and workshops for healthcare workers

Established a Fetal pathology centre in association with Apollo Fetal Medicine for Fetal pathology analysis and well as for teaching fetal medicine and pathology to Fetal Medcine fellows and trainees.

Founded women’s health Diagnostic for prevention of cervical cancer , screening and early lesion detection to support community based programme to reduce incidence of cervical cancer in India.