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Internet Resources for Pathologists
Ed Uthman, MD
Getting Out from Behind the Paraffin Curtain, a must read ...
Ed Uthman, MD, Editorial, Arch Pathol Lab Med, Jan 2014

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(NOTE: Articles published here are not reviewed, and posted 'as it is', and reflects the views and opinion of the author/s)

Limericks of the day
by Dr. Bharati Dalal, MD

Digital Pathology
By Dr RG Wiseman Pinto
Professor and Head, Dept of Pathology, Goa Medical College, Goa (November 2016)

The decline and fall of clinical autopsies (Link to NMJI website)
Editorial- NMJI: Vol 29, 2016 - by Dr. Sanjay Pai, MD
Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Bangalore (November 2016)

Expectations and essentials for the community practice of pathology
Human Pathology, 37(8) ; Author: Horowitz, Richard E. MD, UCLA
Submitted by Dr C N Srinivas, MIOT International, Chennai (June 2016)

Seminoma - a Poem
by Dr. Sanjeev Narang, MD (March 2016)

Utility of Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF) to predict platelet recovery in Dengue patients having Thrombocytopenia
by Dr. Shubhangi Tambwekar
Dr. Preethi Sridharan Chari, Dr. Anitha M., Dr. Sujay Prasad, Anand Diagnostic Laboratory, Bangalore (October 2015)

Dengue: platelet and immature platelet dynamics a study done at a tertiary care centre from South India
by Febe R Suman, Lawrence DCruze, Rithika Rejendran, Suresh Varadarajan, SRMC&RI, Chennai (October 2015)

Vitamin D
by Dr. Susmita Dave (October 2015)

by Dr. Bharati Dalal, MD

70 % something
by Dr Nirupam Moudgil (May 2015)

Microphotography by Mobile Simplified
by Dr. Sanjeev Y. Patwardhan (May 2015)

Cytological findings of an unusual case of cutaneous metastasis of Transitional Cell Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder.
Dr. Natasha Mittal, MD Pathology
Consultant, Sarvodaya Hospital and Research Centre Sector 8 , Faridabad, Haryana (May 2015)

Chromoblastomycosis: A Rare Case Scenario
T.S. Jashree Thilak Bell, Dr. Elizabeth Chacko, Dr. Jayasree Geothe, Dr. Sivashankaran,
Sree Mookambika Institute of Medical Sciences (Dr. MGR Medical University) (September 2014)

Perinatal Autopsy finding in OEIS Complex Associated with other Congenital Anomalies
Asaranti Kar, Tushar Kar, Ipsita Dhal, Priyadarshini Biswal, Satyajit Jena
International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), Volume 3 Issue 6, June 2014

Humour in medicine - Are surgeons spunkier than non-surgeons?
Dr. Sanjay A Pai, Dr. Sweta Shivashanker (June 2013)
National Medical Journal of India, Vol 26, No. 1., 2013

Quest for Automation
Dr Parag Dharap (August 2012)

Laboratory Diagnosis of Malaria
A panoramic view and update of the diagnostic armamentarium
Dr B. Geethanjali Bhas, MBBS, MD (Pathology), DNB (May 2012)

Zen and the Art of Laboratory Accreditation (Some freewheeling random resources)
Dr. Sachin Kale

Pathology laboratory in Formalin free system
Dr. Lily Pal, Dr. SK Shankar (September 2011)

Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PIDs)
Dr. Zinet Currimbhoy, Dr. Manisha Madkaikar, Dr. Mukesh M Desai (August 2011)

Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)
Dr. Mukesh M Desai (August 2011)

Pathology Restaurant Menu
Contributed by Dr. Nishit Gupta (July 2011)

C Reactive Protein (CRP) - extended uses
Dr Suresh Amin MD., Gujarat (April 2011)

A case report of Nodular Hidradenoma on palm
Dr. Lata Upreti (June 2009)

Platelet count & Haematology cell counter
Dr. G.D. Mody

Kinetic Enzyme Assay
Dr. G.D. Mody

Haemato-oncopathology PB Smear: An Experience
Dr. G.D. Mody

Quality Control Simplified
Dr. Pramod Purohit

Errors in Pathology Reports
Dr. Pramod Purohit

Blood Glucose estimation: An experience with glucose reagents of different companies
Dr. Pramod Purohit

Collagen Spherulosis: A rare incidental finding in proliferative breast lesions
Dr. A. N. Pandya; Dr. Hiren Dhanani ; Dr. Jigar Mehta
Dept. of Pathology, Medical College, Surat, Gujarat.

Redefining Status of Pathology and Microbiology
P.K. Shukla, Varnasi, India

Dermatology Dinner Menu    
Dr. Sundareshan

On the acquisition of Computer for Pathology Departments    
Dr. Sanjay Bedi, MD

Dr. M. C. Gupta, MD. LLM. Advocate

Autobiography of a Bosom    
Roshni F. Chinoy (contributed by Dr. S. Bedi)


A Clinical Flow Cytometry e-Newsletter (2009)
Dr. Anil Handoo, Editor, B L Kapoor Memorial Hospital, New Delhi

Journal Reviews (2002)
Dr. Neha Dahiya


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